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Canadian Cherry Producers

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2019 Board of Directors

    • President:  Jocelyn Zurevinsky
    • Secretary:  Cora Greer
    • Treasurer:  Charlene Hill
    • Communications: Cora Greer and Marilynn Lazorko
    • Member Education: Mel Annand
    • Social Media: Jimmée Wiens and Jocelyn Zurevinsky

Research:  a process is being established for soliciting and evaluating and selecting research projects.  All suggestions are welcome.

Member Education:  educational webinar sessions for members and growers will be tested and offered in the near future.  Suggested topics and presenters are needed. 

Membership fee:  will increase to $50 effective 15 April 2019.  Memberships paid before that date will be accepted at $39. 

Forrest Scharf’s Report on Cherry Research included:

-  Results of Cory Sheffield/s ADF study of wild bees and pollination.

-  Comparing plant growth and health to the availability of its scarcest essential nutrients (Liebig's law).
-  Jim Tansey, a new Provincial Entomologist, believes there may be a class of pathogens or viruses not noticed but causing poor production. 
-  In 2018, blind wood was common (leaves on the end of new branches but not at the basal ends).  A dry 2017 plus winter stress are likely factors affecting 2018. 

Forrest's 2019 research will include:

-  Repeating the Photo Selective Netting assessment.  2018 had many interfering variables.
-  Studying the impact on production of cutting down older fruit bushes, and
-  Assessing the impact of applying Apogee on plant growth and production.



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