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From the CCPI AGM on 21 April 2018

2018 Directors: 

  • President:  Jocelyn Zurevinsky. 
  • Secretary:  Cora Greer. 
  • Treasurer:  Charlene Hill.
  • Member Communication: Marilyn Lazorko
  • Signing officers be any two of president, treasurer, or secretary.
  • Pinterest:  Forrest Scharf
  • Member Education
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter Instagram)

Printing brochure and rack card:  A group order for the brochure (about $2.30 each) and rack card (about $1.50) will be placed.  Actual cost will depend on the number printed. View them on the website (Our Cherries) and notify Jocelyn before the end of April.

Website:  The Grower Map on the website will be updated in May.  Any additions or changes must be submitted to Cora by 10 May.  The Members Page will be expanded protocols for brown rot and fruit flies, research, and goals & objectives.

Funding Research:  After discussion the 2019 membership fee will increase from $39 to $50 to support education.  Decision on funding research was postponed until $10,000 in reserve funds are used. 

Research What research should CCPI initiate that would study our cherries and health claims we want to validate?

Pitter:  Luke and his colleagues tested their prototype pitter on fresh cherries last August.  It required more adjustment.  It will not be ready for the 2018 season. 

Cherry Field Day:  Caffets, near Spiritwood, invited cherry growers to a field day in mid-June at their 20-year-old orchard with a wide variety of fruit.  Directors will investigate if they can hold a combined field day with SFGA and how many growers will attend.

Directors are Investigating Grants for:

  1. Professional pictures of romance cherries for the website 
  2. Educational videos on growing cherries in SK.  There is an Ag Awareness fund to create videos with an educational component such as food safety and school education
  3. Webinar presentations will be investigated by Mel and Forrest
  4. Workshops
JimmĂ©e is investigating funding for workshops on plant and soil health/fertility. 
Forrest can access ADOPT funding for agronomic issues.
Forrest will check with the new Ministry of Ag entomologist, James Tansey a specialist in integrated pest management and beneficial organisms.



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